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The Florida Stirling/Burger Collection- Safety Harbor

Bioarchaeological research on a collection from the Safety Harbor site in Florida. Current student research includes reconstruction, age assessment, and taphonomy.

Fuller and Kles at SEAC
Fuller, H and Kles, M 2015 Collection, Preservation, or Population: Examination of the Factors Influencing Demographic Analysis. Southeast Archaeological Conference, Nashville, TN

New Acadia Project

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The New Acadia Project seeks to locate artifacts which will help establish the locations of the first Acadian settlements located along the Teche Ridge/Teche River, as early as 1765. This is a multicomponent project involving archaeology, bioarchaeology, and historical documents analysis. It is also an excellent example of public archaeology and using crowd-sourcing to fund research.

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Fort Burton- Civil War fort

Historic investigation of the civil war era Fort Burton located in the Atchafalaya basin in Louisiana.

Palmer Mound, Florida

Examination of biological variation within the site. Expanded research into pottery variation, health, and burial patterns.

Skull X-Ray

Craniometric Measurement Validation Study

Validation study of novel and proxy measurements for standard craniometrics.

Maranda Kles working